Prevent Periodontal Disease and a Dental Emergency

To prevent it to becoming a dental emergency, we need to examine the health of your gums and your teeth at least every three months or sooner. Without proper care of your gums can cause a periodontal disease that can only be controlled and not cured completely. If periodontal disease is not closely monitored and controlled, the disease can quickly worsen, destroy bone and soft tissue, and eventually cause you to lose teeth.

  • Visit your dentist frequently
    When we first detect periodontal disease, it is treated with scaling and root planing to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from beneath your gumline.
  • Removing plaque below the gumline
    This treatment prevents the growth of the bacteria, but some bacteria still remain and may remain in the pocket where they reproduce. In fact, the number of bacteria doubles every time they reproduce, reaching destructive levels in as few as 90 days.
  • The unpredictable Periodontal disease
    It can be challenging to predict where in your mouth the symptoms of periodontal disease may recur or when, and frequently, it does not hurt. The only way to find and control periodontal disease is with a professional exam that specifically looks for the disease. This also means that a twice-a-year cleaning schedule just is not safe for those who have periodontal disease.
  • Your maintenance appointment
    It is important that you come in every three months, or more, for a periodontal maintenance appointment which may include:

    1. Taking x-rays to check jawbone levels.
    2.  Measuring the depth of periodontal pockets.
    3. Checking for loose teeth or bleeding gums.
    4. Removing plaque above and below the gumline.
    5. Talking with you about the effectiveness of your homecare.

If necessary, we may also re-treat the teeth with scaling and root planning or apply a medication or antimicrobial rinse.

Periodontal maintenance visits help us break the stronghold of bacteria in your gums and slow or eliminate their destructive effects. These maintenance visits will be beneficial to you and will be instrumental in giving you a healthy and sparkling teeth.

Dental Emergency 2023

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